Integration of processes

Integration of processes

Wouter Pronk

Gain insight in the interaction of treatment process and influence of treatment trains on finished water quality and microbial parameters.

Many investigations on innovative water treatment processes focus on a single technology, and there is little knowledge available on the relation between unit operations and their influence on product water characteristics.

In this project not only the unit operation, but also the basic parameters are investigated which can be used to describe the processes. On basis of the research of the isolated unit operations, models are developed to describe the performance of the processes as a function of their input parameters.
To model sequences of treatment operations the output and input parameters will be adjusted in such a way that they are corresponding. In some cases, this will require the definition of new parameters. The output parameters of the final treatment step will correspond with the water quality parameters, like NTU, AOC, color, HPC, etc..

In order to develop and validate this type of models, sequences of treatment processes will be tested on lab- or pilot scale with several model input water qualities.
Additionally, specific parameters will be measured in existing water treatment plants with relevant configurations.