Work packages

Work packages

The themes which will be investigated are defined in workpackages. The “Analytical toolbox” includes workpackages focusing on water quality parameters and the “Technological toolbox” contains workpackages focusing on treatment processes. In a later phase of the project, pilot tests will be carried out to combine unit processes. These activities will include knowledge generated in all analytical and technological workpackage. They are combined in a third toolbox: “Integration of processes”. Furthermore Socio-econonomical aspect will be considered.

1. Analytical toolbox

1.1 Biofouling, Regrowth, Hygiene (Thomas Egli)
- 1.1a Regrowth, AOC
- 1.1b Elimination and monitoring of viruses
1.2 NOM characterisation (Jacqueline Traber)
1.3 Particle characterisation (Brian Sinnet)
1.4 Taste & Odor (Urs von Gunten)
1.5 Micropollutants (Urs von Gunten)

2. Technological toolbox

2.1 Oxidation / disinfection (Urs von Gunten)
2.2 Membrane technology (Wouter Pronk)
2.3 Adsorption processes (Markus Boller)

3. Integration of processes (Wouter Pronk)